Large Pump and Motor Inventory

We buy new and used and unused surplus equipment.

800 HP, 1785 RPM, 6600 VOLT G.E. 8311S ELECTRIC MOTOR

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NEW 450 HP, 1784 RPM, 4160 VOLT 8208 FRAME G.E. MOTORS

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NEW 2500 HP, 1185 RPM, 4 KV G.E. 8557P70 ELECTRIC MOTORS

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NEW 600 HP, 713 RPM, 4000/2300 VOLT G.E. ELECTRIC MOTORS

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Manufacturing Projects

We design, manufacture, and test large electrical machinery.

120 Inch VTL

New 120 Inch Vertical Turret Lathe New vertical turret lathe capable of swinging 120 inches. Pictured is the stator retention frame for a 1250 horsepower, 36 pole circulating pump motor

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Available Around the Clock

We offer support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week